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How To Assemble a Cheese Plate |

How To Assemble a Cheese Plate

  • Author: Mary


Assembling a cheese plate is easier than it sounds — you just have to know what to put on it! Here are some guidelines on how to assemble a party-perfect cheese plate.


  • 3-6 types of cheese, varying in texture/flavor
    • chevre (goat cheese)
    • sharp cheddar
    • stinky blue cheese
    • triple cream brie
    • medium-textured fontina
    • smoked gouda
  • 3-5 kinds of cured meat (optional)
    • chorizo
    • prosciutto
    • pancetta
    • mortadella
    • speck
    • saucisson
  • 2-4 kinds of fresh or dried fruit
    • fresh apple, berries, figs
    • dried apricots, mango, pineapple
  • 2-3 types of nuts
    • spicy candied pecans
    • roasted almonds
    • cashews
    • curry peanuts
  • 2-3 pickled/brined things
    • olives
    • pickled asparagus, radish
    • cornichons
    • sauerkraut
  • 1-2 delicious dips
  • 1-2 delicious spreads
    • fig, onion, or raspberry jam
    • spicy course mustard
    • Pâté
  • 4-6 kinds of vehicles
    • slices of french bread
    • rice crackers
    • wheat crackers
    • breadsticks
    • pretzels
    • fancy crackers!


  1. On a large tray or baking sheet, place the cheeses and dips with space between each other.
  2. Next, place the meats. Put one type of meat near each kind of cheese, so that each type of meat is grouped together separately from another kind of meat.
  3. Repeat the placement with each subsequent category of food, so that there are little pockets of variety throughout the entire board. Fill all of the space!